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SXSW Interactive Finalist
What is This?
They work for free. You make them pay.

The Intern Abuser is a remote robotic apparatus that allows visitors from across the globe to physically and mentally abuse our intern from the comfort of their own office or home using the sadistic power of their personal internet browser.

Sign up for the live event on October 11th and 12th and look forward to your turn to agitate our hapless apprentice through plethora of amusing irritants. When your turn comes-up, you will have 30 seconds to take aim at a series of targets using a foam dart gun. You get three shots at hitting a target that will trigger a specific abusive device.

If you don't have the heart to participate, you can simply tune-in to watch the action and have a giggle at the intern's expense. If suckling on our intern's pain pokes your guilt reflex, we’ve provided the intern with a PayPal account for you to donate to their college fund.

What is This?
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Meet Our Intern
Frank Marsters
Frank Marsters
Kutztown University
Communication Design

Frank Marsters is a senior at Kutztown University. He's an aspiring illustrator/artist/designer, wannabe actor, and game design enthusiast who isn't above making coffee, taking a punch to the face or disposing of garbage to get him ahead.

In his free time, Frank dabbles in 3d modeling, sculpture, wildlife photography and painting depictions of dragons battling spaceships while practicing keytar for his alternative-punk band (Hey Kid! Nice Bike!).

Behind Our Scenes
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